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Advanced CF7 DB – GDPR compliant


Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the ‘Advanced Contact Form 7 DB’ plugin. Also, Advanced CF7 DB – GDPR compliant will only works with wordpress version (>= 4.9.6).
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Advanced CF7 DB – GDPR compliant plugin assists website and web-shop owners to comply with European privacy regulations known as GDPR. Advanced CF7 DB – GDPR compliant is an add-on of Advanced Cf7 DB, based on GDPR rules to Export or Erase user’s personal data stored with advanced cf7 DB.
Since release 4.9.6, WordPress admin has some tools to handle Privacy User Requests. Administrators are able to create Data Request for every users in order to send or erase users data. This plugin allow website administrators to do the same for the data stored in the advanced cf7 DB.
Easily integrated with two options provided in WordPress V4.9.6 and above:
– Export Personal Data
– Erase Personal Data



  1. Compatible with the latest WordPress version 4.9.6 and later for GDPR compliances. Meets with the new regulations for the data to be handled.
  2. Individual CF7 form wise settings to show the personal data on user’s request.
  3. Erase only the CF7 form personal data, that are required.
  4. Site owners can export a ZIP file containing a user’s personal data, including data collected by Advanced CF7 DB plugin.
  5. Site owners can erase a user’s personal data, including data collected by Advanced CF7 DB plugin.

Note : Requesting information regarding our plugin’s compliance to a related topic is permitted, but you cannot ask for legal help or advice. By in large, we aren’t legal experts. We can tell you what our plugin does, what it records and saves.


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