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Aircraft Strike: Jet Fighter




This Aircraft battle game and jet planes war arcade will give you best experiences to become a sky plane pilot. There would be many enemy jet plane strikes on your aircraft carrier fighter plane; you can show your skill and attack on the enemy jet plane to be the hero of the moment. With Gunship Battle plane enjoy our air warriors flight simulator Mission 3D modern jet fighter game.

The gameplay is full of action in aircraft jet fighter game. There are many other warplane games, but specially designed ultra pro graphics to give you best experience of aircraft 3d carrier battle game and this aircraft strike 3d game will be unique experience. You can Play a dogfight game with players of fighter war plane around the world. This Aircraft jet carrier game has many type of modern jet plane to enjoy and play with.
Aircraft plane war game has three different type of control to help you in shooting of enemy jet fighter plane. First, you can control your speed while attacking other enemy air force jet plane. In this airstrike game, controls are much easy and provide immediate response to shoot the air jet fighter plane. Control your air fighter plane by moving the joystick.
In this control you can handle your air jet fighter plane game by your mobile device. Control your shooter jet by using up and down side slider to takeoff and landplaning at right time.
Air fighter game will give you a tilt control for your air jet battle warplane. Using this control, you can move your device left and right for sky fighter plane correct direction to follow your enemy jet to shoot it.
Stunning Graphics:
The game play is simply magnificent and the graphics are realistic in 3d airstrike game. Two engaging types of environments are added in this air combat game. First 3d environment is of air force fight on water and second is barren desert.
How to play:
In this Aircraft carrier game, Start the engine from start button and move the joystick button of left side corner for takeoff your air fighter plane for dogfight. After takeoff your jet fighter, now you can control your aircraft battle plane from joystick for moving left/right or up/down. You can see enemy sky fighter plane in red circle on your device map screen. Follow the map and engage the enemy jet fighter by using the missile fire button. After successful accomplishment of your air strike mission, you can land your aircraft warriors safely on jet air base.

Three exciting and engaging mission in this jet war game are waiting for you. Destroy enemy jet plane in the first mission of war game and move forward.
After first successful mission, you have to rescue different jets from shots of enemy aircrafts attack. After two missions, the third mission will further amaze you with different challenges according to you jet fighting skills.
-Easy Game Play
-Different Air Combat war Planes
-Stunning & realistic 3d environment
-Modern jet fighters planes
-Realistic Fuel Capacity indicator
-Three Different Challenging Missions
– Multiplayer and Dynamic Camera View
– Smooth controls
-Realistic physics-based Levels
-Amazing HD Graphics
-Realistic Jet planes Sounds


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