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Ajax file and database manager


The AjaxManager is the ultimate tool for PrestaShop administrators. Edit the css, tpl, php, html, js files from the backoffice and save time. Stop using FTP !!! You can edit the database with options such as inserting records, deleting, etc. with the database tool.

If you need to repair a PrestaShop store and do not have access to FTP, you can do so with this module, since you do not need FTP access to handle the files.

You can change file permissions, create directories, rename, move and delete files.
It also allows you to upload files from our PC, search for files, etc., including zip compression and downloading them.

The module is password protected to access with password only.

Now the module has a database administrator, so you can edit, insert, delete rows in the table



  • Edit text files like css, js, php,html,tpl,etc
  • Edit emails templates
  • Upload files from your computer
  • Download files (you can download all site in a zip)
  • Copy, rename, and delete files
  • Search files
  • Compress files
  • Database Edition
  • Change file permissions
  • Cross browser

Ajax file and database manager - 1

  • Multilingual

Ajax file and database manager - 2

  • Multistore

Ajax file and database manager - 3



<iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/snMtprXoNXo”></iframe>

v2.1-updated database and file manager


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