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Android Webview App using Kotlin | Web URL To Android App Converter | Android Webview Template


Android Webview App using Kotlin. Convert your website URL to android app

Great Webview is an android app which is build with these features: Splash screen,URL Handling,Media downloader, File and camera uploads, Qr code scanner api,smart offline fallback,Dark mode and many more.


  • Developed in android platform

    The app is developed using Kotlin Programming Language in Android Studio Platform.

  • Intriguing customizable UI

    The app has beautiful User Interface which can be customized as per the user’s requirement.

  • Fully customizable code

    This Android Native Project is developed with fully customizable code. You can easily modify the your app.

  • Ready to release app

    This is a complete project. You can add question & upload it on Google Playstore right away.

  • Splash Screen

    When start appliction it show splashscreen.

  • Web URL Handling

    Your website URl handling in app. show your website in webview.

  • Media Download

    If your website want to download media than Great Webview will support it.

  • File Upload & Camera Access

    When your website upload want to upload photo it can direct from camera or file manager.

  • No Internet Management

    When your mobile device will offline that time show great layout no internet connection with retry button.

  • QR Scan

    If your website has QR Code than you can direct scan using app.

  • Email Intent

    Email intent will direct open email application.

  • Telephone Intent

    Telephone intent will direct open dialler pad.

  • Download Sample APK

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