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ARPaint is an App that let you draw everywhere in the space around you!

This app let you do a lot of things, drawing onto the space (real world around you), customize the brush color and size, but the coolest thing is that you can draw everywhere you go, early with your iPhone. With ARPaint you can paint, for example, imagine that you are on a football camp, ok, you have a lot of space, true, not? Then, you can paint from one angle until you reach all the four angles of the football camp, now you paint is done.

The app is compatible with iOS 11 and iOS 12, written in Swift 4 and available for iPhone compatible with Xcode 10.

1. Paint around you

2. App made with ARKit (Augmented Reality)

3. Tap on the button to paint

4. Change the brush color, with an horizontal color palette

5. Change the brush size, thanks to the horizontal slider

6. Make a photo of what you paint

7. Make a video and share on the social media

8. User guide


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