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Article Carousel for Joomla


Article carousel module for joomla is a very impressive plugin for joomla blog or article which manage your article in carousel format after configuring this module from joomla admin, selected article will be displayed on selected position in carousel format there are multiple setting for carousel.

Article Carousel for Joomla - 1
Article Carousel for Joomla - 2
Article Carousel for Joomla - 3

Joomla Article Carousel Features

  • Article carousel module render article in carousel format.
  • Article carousel module is compatible with touch screen.
  • administrator can enable or disable touch drag from module settings.
  • Option to enable or disable mouse drag from module settings.
  • Module have option to set article carousel image.
  • administrator can set article carousel width and height.
  • Article title color and font size option in module settings.
  • Admin can choose article content color and font size.
  • Admin can display article publish date.


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