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The CleanDream is a clean template that people can use that are searching for a awesome back-end interface.


  • w3 Valid: xHTML 1.0 transitional.
  • Cross-browser compatible.
  • Awesome jQuery plugins.
  • Dropdown menu, 3 levels deep.
  • Nice style of displaying statics.
  • All the form elements are nicely styled
  • Awesome looking system notifications.
  • Thumb options with zoom and delete.
  • A nice tab system
  • .PSD nicely layerd and named.

Pages included:

  • index.html (login page)
  • dashboard.html
  • typography.html
  • boxgrid.html
  • forms.html
  • gallery.html
  • tables.html
  • more.html


  • 10 – January – 2012: For those that want a fluid layout… that is now possible!
  • 5 – December – 2011: i have made a nice new update for the theme!

    Whats new:

    • The tablesorter plugin make place for the datatable plugin. Now there is live search!
    • The selectboxes are updated, they are now working better. i have made the option to add a small selectbox and there is a multiselectbox option to!
    • Now you can make modal boxes
    • The option is there now to put autocomplete on inputfields!
    • A new jQuery file that is uptodate again.
  • 1 – September – 2011: I have added a WYSIWYG editor, the option to have month names in the statics and i have made a search box option in the title bars.
  • 25 – August – 2011: Now you can easy change the values of the sliders inside the HTML file.
  • 24 – August – 2011: I have add some form sliders, progressbars, a little footer, combine all jQuery-ui js files and now you can make your own statics with the colors that you want!
  • 22 – August – 2011: fixed the selectboxes bug.
  • 21 – August – 2011: i have add the options to make a accordion box, tree views, tooltips and i fix some IE 7 and Opera bugs.




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