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Coin change – iOS Cryptocurrency Exchange Template


Do you want to develop a Cryptocurrency Trading App? Then CoinExchange is a complete template for you to the iOS platform. This application will help you to learn how to create new crypto currency Wallet and Trading app and also will help you to get started, all the UI views are connected to a class so it makes your life easier using the templates. If you get stuck feel free to get in touch, we’ve made it simple and straightforward to use.You can send crypto coins to other wallets and can also place buy, sell and stop-limit order using Crypto Wallet. This app template will help you to develop a full package by customising the code easily. You can also use this template to create any new page of your existing application.

Full-Feature Overview

What you’ll get in Template as:-

  • Full Xcode Source Code Project Documentation
  • 15+ Screens
  • Splash
  • SignUp
  • SignIn
  • Customisable SideBar Menu
  • Dashboard
    * Market
  • Wallet
  • Trade
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Profile Screen
  • Settings Screen
  • Every UI is connected to its ViewController to navigate in next screens


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