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Contact Pro – Email Process Control


Define topics with corresponding email address in your contact form. +Google Captcha. MADE IN GERMANY

The extension gives you the possibility to define topics or departments with corresponding email address as dropdown in your standard contact form. Mostly, different departments have different email addresses. Mails send via the Contact Pro form will be send to the email address which is defined in the backend of magento.
Manuel email forwarding is no longer necessary.

Additional, we have integrated Google Recaptcha protection as option.

Installation Guide:

1.Paste the downloaded .tgz file in your Magento backend under System/Magento Connect/Magento Connect Manager, section 2 “Direct package file upload” and install the extension.
2. Go back to your admin Section (logoff and login). Under System/Configuration you find the new tab “FENOMICS” at the top. Enable the extension and define your topics or departments and the corresponding email addresses. Finished!

Additionally you can activate Google Recaptcha Protection for your contact form.

As with any extension installation, we recommend that you backup the database and the Magento system.


For any questions feel free to open a ticket in our Service Desk
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