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Countdown Flutter App (Android & IOS)


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Countdown Flutter App (Android & IOS) - 1

Countdown reminds you of important dates and events in your life, so you don’t have to calculate how many days are left for important dates and events.

With the Countdown app you will never miss a birthday, retirement date, salary day, anniversary, graduation ceremony, wedding, exam, football match, summer holiday or other important dates.

Countdown Application Features:

  • English, German, French and Turkish localization
  • All your countdowns in one place with a stylish look.
  • Countdown to events
  • Notification can be set to remember events
  • The background color, font color and font size of each countdown can be customized
  • Countdown format can be set (days, hours, minutes, seconds)
  • View your events on the calendar
  • You can set your application language
  • We look forward to your comments and suggestions so that we can continue building the best countdown app.


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