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Doctor Consultation App with Web Admin Panel and CMS



App Template to provide health care service to the end user. Users can search for a number of Illness and find Doctors accordingly for consultation in different formats like chat, call, video call.

Users can search for hospitals and clinics near them and even book an appointment.

Hospital information is displayed with doctors list and specialities provided by the institution. Checkout the application now

Information about the full application

To buy the complete application, email me at aniketmalikwork@gmail.com and get a demo for the fully functional mobile application with fully functional web admin panel

Check out the full application demo on YouTube: Full Doctor Consultation Application Video Demo

Here is the full list of features that you will get in the fully functional application which you can buy on request

  1. Login credentials validation.
  2. Signup credentials validation.
  3. Login through other social platforms.
  4. Search Screen.
  5. Search filters implementation.
  6. Profile info customization screens with functionality.
  7. Help screen.
  8. Contact Us screen.
  9. Scheduled appointments screen.
  10. Medicine course screen.
  11. Saved blogs screen.
  12. Previous appointments screen.
  13. Chat screen.
  14. Video and Audio call fully functional.
  15. HTTP connection with data manipulation implementation.
  16. Push Notifications implementation in the application.
  17. Database with Firebase implementation.
  18. Web Admin Panel to manage the data sent to the application.
  19. Adding blogs through web admin panel.
  20. Deleting blogs through web admin panel.
  21. Adding doctor’s information through web admin panel.
  22. Deleting doctor’s information through web admin panel.
  23. Adding Hospital’s information through web admin panel.
  24. Deleting Hospital’s information through web admin panel.
  25. Server side implementation of Push Notifications.
  26. Push Notifications sent from Web Admin Panel.
  27. Database scalable schema for different collections like “Users”, “Hospital-Info”, “Blogs”, “Users-Profile-Info” and others.
  28. Firebase functions ( JAVASCRIPT ) to talk to database.
  29. Firebase Authentication.
  30. Firebase Cloud Firestore as a database to store information.
  31. Text input validation.
  32. Data persistence in the app ( required so that the user is always signed in ).
  33. Full state management.
  34. MVVM/MVC ( Model – View – View Model/Controller ) Architecture to scale the app in the future and for future features update.
  35. Doctor’s account in the application.
  36. Doctor’s account specific screens addition ( screens like: patients, appointments, Previous appointments etc. ).
  37. Doctor’s account screens functionality with backend code and database implementation.
  38. PayPal Payment Gateway integrated.
  39. Fully documented code for both IOS and ANDROID.
  40. 60 FPS animations.
  41. Splash Screen with beautiful animation and On-boarding Screen with message that you want.
  42. 2 Months Technical support

Over 50+ happy customers love my work with the fully functional application and are extremely satisfied with the technical support

More Information on this app

Live Demo Apk

Try the application on your android device and see how premium the design will feel to your users.
Open the link and download the application to test it on your android device.

Live Demo Web Admin Panel and CMS

The credentials to sign in to the web admin panel:

Username: admin@demo.com

Password: admin

Why should you buy?

  • Clean Code
  • Well documented
  • Easy setup
  • 60 FPS animations
  • Scalable architecture
  • Saves 200+ hours of coding, 100+ hours of optimizing




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