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Doodle Magic – Android Application with Admob and Facebook Integration


☣ This doodle drawing app allows you to choose from over 240 colors and 35 different brushes to create cool mandala doodle, simple doodle, or extraordinary doodle art!

☣ You can even create your own color and use 10 different Spirograph designs to turn your doodle art into a magic drawing. Quick drawing games like Doodle Art: Magic Drawing App offers endless possibilities.

☣ It’s never been easier to create a cool mandala doodle! This magic drawing game allows you to use simple doodle moves on your canvas and create wonders with your doodle drawing game and Spirograph art designs!

☣ Start doodling now!

☣ Doodle Magic Art App Features:-
✮ Create doodle art on canvas.
✮ 10 Kinds of Spirograph designs.
✮ 35 BRUSHES for your magic doodling.
✮ 240 COLOR PALETTES + create your own color.
✮ Random color variation, There are full of pleasant surprise.
✮ Amazing, glowing colors for quick drawing.
✮ You can save all your magical doodle art in one place.
✮ Undo – Redo option.
✮ Set your cool doodle drawing as wallpaper.

☣ Just download Doodle Magic Art App and create your favorite doodle art with your finger & touches, yet so simple.

☣ Share your fabulous & superb doodle art with friends & family via favorite messengers and social networks.

Download demo APK from here:-

Download Demo

Any queries, please contact us on adm.enerjiktech@gmail.com


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