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Envato Item Referrer Module for Drupal 7


Envato Item Referrer Module for Drupal 7 - 1

Envato-Item Referral Module

This Drupal 7 module shows item thumbnails from any Envato Marketplace in a region of your Drupal Theme. The module can show popular items, random items from a selected marketplace or the most recent items of an username. A separate username can be added as referrer to the item links.
Read more about the Marketplace Affiliate Program

This module supports the Multiblock Extensions for Drupal 7. With Drupal 7, by default, you can only have one instance of a block. That means you can use a block only in one region of the theme. MultiBlock makes it possible to create “instances” of a block, and put each block in a different region.

This Envato Item Referrer module is ready to use with Multiblock and in addition it allows to save different configurations for each instance of the module.


  • easy to install
  • uses Envato API
  • thumbnail size configurable
  • any username can be added as referrer
  • for Drupal 7.x


  • cURL enabled hosting to connect to the API

Files included:

  • module installation archive (zip)
  • HTML Documentation


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