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eWay Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Plugin


The eWAY extension for WooCommerce allows you to take credit card payments directly on your store without redirecting your customers to a third party site to make payment. eWAY is a leading provider of online payments solutions with a presence in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Supports payments, WooCommerce Refunds API. Everything happens on your site without the customer ever leaving.


  • Go to Plugins in WordPress Dashboard and click on Add New.
  • Upload the plugin zip file to install and Activate the plugin.
  • Navigate to ‘WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout’ on the menu.
  • Select eWAY from the Payment Gateways menu.
  • Enter your eWAY Customer ID and eWAY Refund Password for your live site and the sandbox.

How to get Customer ID?

Your eWAY Customer ID can be found in your MYeWAY account on the bottom of the screen, in the page footer. It can also be found on your monthly eWAY invoice that we send to you via email and on your eWAY welcome email. The Customer ID is used for identification when contacting eWAY and is also used for integration purposes for some of eWAY’s APIs.
The eWAY customer ID is 8 digits long. EG: 12345678.

How to get Refund Password?

An XML Refund Password is the password that is needed if you plan to process refunds via your website. You can setup the XML refund password through your MYeWAY account.

  • Login to MYeWAY.
  • Hover the mouse on the My Account tab at the top of the screen.
  • Click on eWAY Passwords.
  • Click on XML Refund Password.
  • On this page you can enter a XML Refund Password. Please note that the XML refund password is NOT your MYeWAY password.

    Testing Payment with eWay

    To test the eWay payment gateway with the eCommerce website, you may use the customer ID “87654321” inside Checkout > Configuration in the ‘eWay’ settings box. Additionally, when you get to the secure eWay payment page after leaving your merchant site, use the credit card number “4444333322221111” with any date and any cvv number in the future.

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