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Food Recipes App UI Kit – Flutter


This is a food recipe App UI kit with code. It’s designed for people who love cooking and explore recipes.


  • Localization is enabled and currently supports 3 languages (English, Spanish and Hindi). More languages can be added easily.
  • State management is handled with Provider.
  • All the recipe data and favorite button data (cuisines and food) are located in data.dart file.
  • RecipeItem model is created to make api implementation easy and fast.
  • UI responsiveness is handled by a Responsive Manager in utils. A ratio has been used to handle padding, font sizes, etc.
  • Highly customizable widgets. Separate UI widgets for buttons, inputs and UI cards inside widgets folder.
  • All the screens are located in screens folder.
  • Code is fully structured and modularized.

This includes following screens

  • Login Screen
  • Forgot Password
  • Select Favorite Cuisines Screen
  • Select Favorite Food Screen
  • Featured Screen
  • New Recipe Screen
  • Popular Recipe Screen
  • Single Recipe Screen
  • Search Screen
  • My Profile Screen
  • My Cook Book Screen
  • Settings Screen


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