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Food Stacks (Food Order & Delivery Service with PayPal)


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“FOOD STACKS” everybody’s favorite app!

The world is moving toward advanced technology. So, the food industries thought to take a step into the online world through which the whole country can have a taste of different spices food which is one click away from mobile. This app has brought multiple category food in one app which can be delivered within time (depends upon the location of the area). While considering this app, we are growing like never before. With this fabulous app, we try to give that experience to customers which he/she never faced before. Also, it creates addiction in customers to use it again and again just because of easy use. Different delicious foods in one digital app, and having a single motive of customer satisfaction is our target. FOOD STACKS lets you discover varieties of food with different ranges. The special facility which this app gives to the customer is reasonable rates “$” of different foods. Also most common is “online ordering” of breakfast, lunch and dinner or supper at your doorstep which made your meal tastier & easier. Our major concerns have always been to reach out to maximum customers with amazing offers and discounts which will suit everyone’s pocket. After using this app, the customer will realize that this is a marvelous app.

Ordering food online made kitchen life simple. Now download the free app “FOOD STACKS” and get access to varieties of spices food through your mobile or tablet. In which you can find delicious food at a different reasonable price to order. With one click you can order any item from any part of the country. Instead of searching different restaurants for different food, you can have this ALL IN ONE option which will save you, from wastage of time.

Delivering the amazingly tasty food to the customer’s doorstep and all the customers do is to pay easily with big smiles. Ordering food online is known as the perfect way or accepted by most of the people. The entire process can be checked by the person who had placed the order online through this app. Now ordering food online is included in everyday activity because food is the basic need of human beings and today’s technology decreases the gap between restaurants and customers. Our major aim is to reach out to maximum customers and this is the best way to reach out to all of them. Food in time is always appreciated! By people. All details are available on the app which is based on your locality and the choice is yours which thing do you want to order. Furthermore, no need to download another app when you get each and every item from this app with specific rates $. You will find that this app is a small app (in Mb) when you compare it with others it will utilize a small amount of space from your mobile or tablet. But the return of this small app is fascinating. We bring happiness towards you because the “FOOD STACKS” app has become the thrilling fusion of spice food and technology. So, we can say that the famous line of the day is “THERE IS NO LOVE SINCERE THAN THE LOVE FOR FOOD” Now OBVIOUSLY you got a juicy taste in your mouth ok… You can have your orders on this app for a flavorful juicy burger with heavy cheese & egg. Be quick and let the hunger game begins at your home.


Technology in human life is involving day by day which comfort the life of human beings. So, the reason for developing online food delivery app is to provide customers to order at a restaurant whenever & wherever he/she wants. With the mobile app, customers can easily browse all the spices dishes which is available in the app also can customize dishes to their requirements and place an order according to his pocket range. From the restaurant’s perspective, they no longer need to spend time taking the customer’s orders. With this “FOOD STACKS” app, a restaurant can start for free to create their own website and start accepting orders through “ADMIN APP”.


Different spices food in one app
Wide & different ranges of foods
Meals at doorstep
Tastier & Easier
Amazing offers & discounts
Easy Payments
Our availability in different cities

Features and Functionality:

Fully customizable
Lifetime license
Available for android
Order history
Order confirmation
Pickup and delivery services
Most popular and most loved food
Different spices and delicious food in one app
Collection option at the top right corner
Shipping with instructions
Summing up different rates before ordering
Admob Ads
Google Firebase Database
Paypal Payment Integration


Demo APK Link
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