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Funded – Drupal Crowdfunding Commerce Site


Funded - Drupal Crowdfunding Commerce Site - 1

Funded - Drupal Crowdfunding Commerce Site - 2

Funded - Drupal Crowdfunding Commerce Site - 3

Funded is a Drupal commerce platform built on Drupal commerce, bootstrap and sass. Its fully functional including user profiles, products management, Project detail pages with social media integration, Paypal integration (Drupal commerce has many other payment providers), landing pages, easy management and a super easy installation profile. Just click your way to a pre configured crowdfunding platform.

Everything is built in for a fully functional crowdfunding site. Users are able to create their own projects, rewards, setup their own project page and build a community around their projects. Projects can get a pending status and administrators can aprove the pending projects via a backoffice UI built specifically for it. Payments are processed and increase the number of backers, progress of the project, users list etc.. Everything is immediately available plug and play!

Its built using bootstrap, it also provides a subtheme so that upgrades are easy to do and all your customizations are separate from the main theme.

Full documentation on how to set everything up is provided, including video tutorials on how to use the built in installation profile, install on an existing site, or just upload the database dump file.

Easy to create landing pages using bootstrap layouts, full documentation included. Also include banner images / slideshows on any page of the site with a specific content type created for that. Everything you need for a perfect landing page.

Includes all sass files, using the SAMCSS standard for good architecture and folder management of sass files.

The theme uses all the best practices of Drupal using features for configuration management, subthemes, preprocess functions and templates, views, and much more.

Included is also a extensive list of shortcodes including elements of the boostrap platform such as wells, dropcaps, buttons, alerts, messages etc.

Key aspects :

  • Drupal commerce
  • Paypal and other payment methods optionally
  • Project pages and checkout
  • Reward management by users
  • Blog
  • Easy to create Landing pages

Shortcodes included in the theme :

  1. tooltiptop
  2. popovertop
  3. well
  4. glyphicons
  5. jumbotron
  6. blockquote
  7. blockquote_reverse
  8. abbreviation
  9. gridrow
  10. helpers
  11. inlinecode
  12. fontawesomeicon
  13. highlighticon
  14. quote
  15. img
  16. highlight
  17. button
  18. dropcap
  19. link
  20. random
  21. embed_content
  22. video


19 October 2018

drupal core to 7.6
updated All contributed modules to latest versions
Fix issue in display of Funding amount on long teaser

07 May 2018

updated drupal core with latest security update

03 April 2018

updated drupal core with latest security update

10 November 2017

updated drupal core and all the security updates for all the modules
Added option to block further funding when goal is reached or end date is reached
Fix funding amount when multiple items are ordered in the cart

21 November 2016

updated drupal core and all the security updates for all the modules

13 October 2016

Updated drupal and all modules

21 August 2016

Updated Drupal core
Updated Panels module to latest version

20 July 2016

Updated the teasers to display information on when projects are over.

21 June 2016

Updated Drupal core with security fix
Updated Views module core with security fix
Added a constraint so that users cant change funding goal or end date after project is published

1 June 2016

fixed some issues regarding translations on the projects templates

14 May

Make easy for administrators to edit any reward for any project
Fix multilingual issues with saving projects 
Fix multilingual issues in teaser

14 April 2016

Updated the features module with the latest security fixes 
Update all other modules 
Fixed a minor issue with currency in the funding amount field

8 April 2016

Updated the module Drupal commerce with the latest security release

26 Februrary 2016

Updated Drupal with latest security fix 
Updated all the modules

24 November 2015

Bug fixes in the checkout process

09 November 2015

Fixed a bug in the publishing workflow of projects

04 November 2015

Added validation so that rewards can only be changed before projects where approved
Added social media buttons to projects

28 October 2015

Added validation for not allowing rewards to be changed after project is accepted
Included social links on projects via sharethis

28 October 2015

Updated Drupal version to the latest stable version
Updated all modules with security and stable releasees
Improved the workflow for publishing projects (projects get pending status for administration approval)


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