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Golpo – A story template with admob and push notifications



What is Golpo – A story reading platform?

This is an Application that allows you to –

  • Create stories with multiple categories in Admin Panel and ditribute them through mobile app
  • Modify and manage contents of app from Admin Panel
  • You can use any custom font inside the app of your choice
  • Easy reskin

Template is Developed by maintaining Google’s material design guideline and it’s very lite. Developed in Android Studio 3.3

What you will get

  • Full app source code
  • Full admin panel
  • Step by step documentation for setting up android app and admin panel
  • 3 free fonts already included inside the app

Template Features

  • Navigation Drawer :
    This template has a navigation drawer .You will have multiple options available here.
  • Rate This App :
    There is an option in navigation drawer named rate this app. User can rate this app through clicking this link ,
    if the app is published in google play store.
  • Share :
    App also has an option to share this app .
  • Offline mode :
    Users can favorite any story for offline reading. Other online data are also cached automatically
  • Modern Design :
    App is designed maintaining material design guideline
  • Custom Font :
    You can use any custom font of your choice
  • Admin panel :
    Create stories in your admin panel and they will be reflacted in the app.
  • Admob ads :
    Google admob banner ads implementation available.
  • Push Notification :
    OneSignal push notification is available to engaging more users.
  • Color Customizations :
    You can customize the color as you want .
  • Lite :
    This template is very lite in size.
  • Kotlin language :
    Android app is developed in Kotlin language and caching implementation usese Room database. These are latest and officially supported by google.
  • Documentation :
    Template includes a step by step documentation and consists of clean and readable Code.
  • Android Studio Support :
    This project is developed in latest Android Studio.

Demo Download

Apk From here

Demo Admin Panel


Username: admin


  • Miscelleneous :

    – Multitasking supported
    – Android Studio Project
    – This template supports Android 4.1 and up
    – Custom status bar colors work on Lollipop and up




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