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HD Video Player with Admob Ads


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The finest video player on the market is “Video Player for Android”. Enjoy smooth-playing, high-quality videos. All types of HD video formats are supported by Video Player All Format. Video Player HD has automatically recognized ALL video files on your device and SD Card.

List Of Amazing Features :

  • The video locker can assist you in safeguarding your footage.
  • Support for embedded and external subtitles, including ASS and DVD subtitles.
  • Quick mute and control of video playback speed.
  • Full search and history for audio and video media library.
  • Support for network streams such as HLS and Dash.
  • Selection of multiple audio or subtitle tracks.
  • Decoding on multiple cores and in full hardware.
  • Play, share or delete a group of video files.
  • Pop-up Video Player, play video in the pop-up window.
  • Easily manage and share videos.
  • Ultra HD video player with 4K support.

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Update History

  • 29-april-2022
    Updated sdk to version 32.
    Updated all dependency to latest version.
    Solved crashed on folder clicked.
  • 12-August-2021
    Adjust Interstitial ads after n number of clicks.
  • 6-August-2021
    Fixed rename and delete video issue in android 11.
  • 27-July-2021
    Fixed volume issue.
  • 19-July-2021
    Added online streaming support.
    Added feature for adjust sound volume and brightness.
    Fixed google play 64-bit requirement issued.
  • 8-July-2021
    Added some new features.
  • 6-July-2021
    Initial Release

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