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iCanWP Background Slider Gallery – Gutenberg Compatible Plugin



Works with Gutenberg!!!

iCanWP Background Slider Gallery provides full width background image slider for any WordPress websites. All images are loaded as a CSS background image with full navigation via left or right navigation arrows, and thumbnail preview loader, which the users can place at the top, right, bottom, left side of the page.

This plugin also gives front-end users control for image loading in original aspect ratio or full width based on CSS “background-size:cover;” property.

Each background image loaded can have a custom title, subtitle, and link to display with the freedom of display location and link options.

Equipped with a sophisticated drag-n-drop image organizer, you can easily upload and rearrange your photos in just a few seconds. You can have an unlimited amount of background sliders and galleries, as each slider/gallery has its own set of options. If you need one simple set of options, choose to use to global options.

This plugin’s goal was to create the most simple admin interface so you can very easily configure your settings; especially, providing independent customization options for each slider created. This way, you can get as creative as you want.

2016 Q4 update includes:
1. Single Image Background
2. Slide Animation with fade in / out, slide animation, Kenburns
3. Each page, post, custom post type can show unique background slide show
4. Can assign a specific full-width background slide show to a specific category, taxonomy terms, post, page, or global
5. Switch between full width or original aspect ratio mode
and much more!

Choose to display a small content area with info about your image. Give it a title, subtitle, link text and link destination.

Enable/Disable a modern thumbnail navigation with lots of options to customize.

Hide/show a toggle icon to switch from full width or the original aspect ratio of each image.

You’ll find almost every element can be simply customized from the easy to use admin panel. Change things like the position, size, spacing, color and more.

Choose from a list of popular transition animations for your sliders.

Create as many sliders as you want. Each slider has its own set of options, or simply choose to display the global options.

That’s right! If you have any questions or concerns with our plugin, we’re here to help make our plugin a success on your website.

Plugin Support

We try our best to provide our support to all clients within the promised 5 business days, but as you may find from the comments section, our support time is very fast and responsive. We promise keeping all your information private and not share with irrelevant parties and please do not send us the login information to your WordPress website from the comment section neither through the private message. If you contact us, we will send you a secure link where you can upload the login information through encrypted session and your data will be served from tier III data centers.

Even when your support contract is over, we will still provide the support when there is a bug in the code or any security vulnerability is found.




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