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ISP Pro – Broadband and Internet Service Providers WP Plugin



The only plugin which gives you full control over feasibility checker and making your connections availability checker for new customers will be easy with this plugin.

This plugin is best suitable for a local internet service providers who wants to add an option for visitors or customers to search for the internet connection feasibility in their cities or areas based on zip codes too.


  • Display packages in 2 different styles,
  • Easy to localize the strings in your languages
  • Check availability based on the package
  • Add zip codes and cities for packages
  • Auto checker for the zip codes on form request
  • No New Submission requests until the new entry is added
  • Email Settings
  • Import Plugin Options Settings
  • Export Plugin Options Settings
  • Email notification settings
  • Frontend check availability form
  • Bookings Post type for checking booked requests.
  • Customizable Admin Notification Email Message
  • Customizable Subject – Mail
  • Customizable Request Form Thank you message
  • Customizable Request Connection Notification Subject
  • Customizable Request Connection Notification message
  • Update the plugin in future with one click update option

Change Log

## 1.7 – Latest Version

v1.8 – 2020-11-28
Fixed the Package styling issue with empty spaces when content is less or more.
Fixed the jquery deprecated issue.

v1.7 – 2020-02-18
- Added theme textdomain for the plugin
- Added support for the page attributes for packages post type

- Issue with zipcode availability matching not working
- Packages not displaying categories changed from name to slug (Existing users change name to slug in categories or zipcodes)

v1.5 - 21-02-2018
- Added zipcode Id attribute for the packages shortcode
- Added city Id attribute for the packages shortcode
- Added category Id attribute for the packages shortcode
- Added display packages based on zipcode or cities or category

- Fixed Issue with the mail settings tab.

v1.4.1 - 21-02-2018
- Fixed Packages Check Availability not fetching info

v1.4.0 - 19-02-2018
- Fixed Issue with settings page not loading.
- Fixed Issue with Visual Composer conflict

v1.3.0 - 04-01-2018
- Added ISP Pro Custom CSS Section
- Added Check Availability Page Selection option

- Fixed wrong text domain for the strings

v1.2.0 - 17-09-2017
- Added Ajax Loder Image …
- Added Option to show or hide description in style 3 package
- Added New Package Style 3
- Added Attribute features="show/hide" for [packages]

- Issue with responsive packages display.
- Issue with Visual Composer not loading when ISP Pro plugin is active
- Typo issue with Cities written as Cities
- Blank lines in Meta Helper file

v1.0 Initial Release - 




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