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Kit for Bookly – Seo, Grid View with Images, Elementor Widgets


Show your Bookly Services, Staff Members and Categories with their pictures! Find your services, staff members and categories in Google! Auto create pages for your services and …

Kit for Bookly is a add-on for your Bookly (Pro  or Free) wordpress plugin. it is a set of practical tools and efficient features such as SEO and list with images for you to have more sales. a comprehensive solution to complete your Bookly user experience.

Features that you have with Kit for Bookly add-on

  • Images & Grid view: Have a flexible visual interface to display a list of services, staff members and categories by grid view of images.
  • SEO: Easily introduce your services, staff members and categories to Google and the customer. with this plugin, you have a page for each of your services and staff members, and you can introduce them to Google. with any SEO plugins like Yoast and AIOSEO!
  • Elementor Widgets: Easily create custom lists of categories, services and staff members with widgets.
  • Images for Categories: You can easily choose a beautiful and attractive image to categorize your services.
  • Content Production: For services and employees, you can automatically create pages and content that will keep you up to date with your Bookly.
  • Sync Automated: No need to set up lists and manually create pages for your items, everything is done automatically.






Images for bookly categories
Images for bookly services

How does Kit for Bookly work?

This is the workflow of working with the Kit for Bookly plugin:

  1. Install and activation Kit for Bookly (To do this, you can read the document).
  2. The plugin automatically creates pages for each service and staff member. this pages data sync with Bookly items (categories, services and staff members)
  3. You can submit your pages to search engines and Google. to do this better, you can use WordPress SEO plugins such as Yoast and AIOSEO!
  4. You can now display your Bookly items with images anywhere! to do this you can use Kit for Bookly Shortcodes or Elementor Widgets.
  5. An amazing feature is that you can use WordPress Analytics Plugins for your these pages!

Now your site user experience has improved and your services can be indexed by search engines.

Change Logs

+ Fix widgets for Elementor pro 3.7.7
+ Fix select image for categories

+ Fixed: Ajax Form Loading image bugs
+ Fixed: Elementor Widgets for new version
+ New: Add Back button in Ajax Form
+ New: Select Image from WordPress Media for Category Images
+ Updated: Change Category Image Selector
+ Updated: Improve UI for forms


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