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Luma Laravel LMS & Vue Education Admin Dashboard Template


Luma Laravel + Inertia.js Vue Education Admin Dashboard Template

Luma Laravel allows you to quickly build a modern education and learning management system single-page application (SPA) using Vue and server-side routing and controllers powered by a backend running the latest Laravel.

Luma Laravel includes 48 Unique Education Page Designs and 100+ LMS Components expertly coded in Vue.js, covering anything you may need in your next Education Project.

The entire LMS User Interface is powered by Vue.js and uses Inertia.js to replace Vue Router and provide the data your application needs from Laravel controllers to all the LMS pages and Vue components.

We’re proud to be the first Elite author on Envato to provide a premium dashboard template with integration between Laravel, Inertia.js and Vue.js.

Luma Laravel + Inertia.js Features - Vue Admin Dashboard Template

Quickly build modern single-page Vue apps using server-side routing and controllers with Luma Laravel & Inertia.js.

  • Functional Register, Login, Forgot Password
  • Inertia.js SPA + Laravel Routing
  • Pure Vue.js User Interface with 48 Unique Pages all hooked to Inertia.js and 100+ Components
  • RTL & SEO Optimized
  • Built with Bootstrap Vue
  • Styled with Bootstrap 4 SCSS/CSS
  • Ultra Responsive

Luma - Nuxt.js Vue Learning Management System Admin Template

Luma HTML - Education Learning Management System Admin Template

What’s New

Luma Laravel v1.1.0 – 10 Jan, 2021

Improve structure
- Drop resources/vendor/ui-huma package
- Move dependencies to root package.json
- Remove unused dependencies
- Move SCSS files to resources/scss

Fix install and build issues
- Upgrade to laravel-mix@next (v6 - webpack@5, postcss@8 etc)
- Upgrade to laravel-mix-merge-manifest@next (laravel-mix@6 support)
- Replace postcss-rtl with @mjhenkes/postcss-rtl (fixes postcss-rtl with postcss@8 error; see https://github.com/vkalinichev/postcss-rtl/pull/73)
- Add package-lock.json file

Add documentation guide for extending and customizing the source client-side Vue components
- https://www.frontendmatter.com/product/luma-laravel/documentation/custom-components
- Add custom home component samples as per the guide (routes/web.php, resources/js/Pages/Demos/CustomHomePage.vue and resources/js/Components/CustomHomeComponent.vue)

Luma Laravel v1.0.1 – 28 Oct, 2020

- Add stylesheet preloading fallback for Firefox and other browsers without support for link[rel=preload]
- Fixed Browser Support via .babelrc and core-js@3 (last 2 versions of every major browser and IE >= 11)

Luma Laravel v1.0.0 – 26 Oct, 2020

- initial release

Layouts - Luma Laravel

Guest Pages - Luma Laravel

Instructor Pages - Luma Laravel

Student Pages - Luma Laravel

Account Management Pages - Luma Laravel

Messaging Pages - Luma Laravel


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