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Magento 2 SecurePay Payment


This extension will integrate SecurePay Payment method to your Magento 2 store allowing you to accept customer credit card payments online through SecurePay payment gateway.

How It Works

To use this extension, you must have SecurePay merchant login credentials which you can get by filling an online application form from SecurPay website securepay.com.au. On approval you will receive test account credentials, so you can integrate SecurePay Online Payments with your e-commerce website. When you are ready to go live, switch Test Mode from Yes(sandbox) to No(production mode).
It offers two payment modes: Authorize and Capture. In Capture mode, automatic invoice will be generated while in Authorize mode invoice can be created later on. Not only can you create online invoice but also online refund through SecurePay payment gateway.

Features List:

– Support SecurePay XML API.
– Support enable Fraudguard.
– Supports authorize & capture and authorize only payment actions.
– Create online invoice and online refund through SecurePay payment gateway.
– Merchant Password Encryption in configuration settings.
– Support for Sandbox(test) and Production(live) environment.
– Set selected credit card types to be allowed for Securepay Payment on checkout page.
– Set allowed countries for which SecurePay payment will be applicable
– Support enable mode Test/Live in configuration settings
– Support enable mode Credit Card Verification (CCV) in configuration settings
– Safe, secure and reliable payment platform that makes easy for customers to use.
– No need to huge knowledge in this Gateway.
– Accept all major credit cards.
– Handle all error response code with appropriate meaning.
– Risk Management with fraud prevention techniques.
– Basic data validation performed before submitting.


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