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Magento 2 SMS Notification Pro


In order to show a special and peculiar approach to your store customers and establish robust relationships. There are many ways to connect with your customers. If we consider then sending SMS is the best and most effective way to connect with your store customers.

Check these things that matter. Fortunately, SMS messages have a 98% open rate and a 209% higher response rate than a phone, email, or Facebook. Wow, these stats are beyond anything.

Mostly, a well-informed customer is always a happy customer. So the more you keep updating your customers, the more satisfaction will be towards your online store. Whereas in today’s world people pass their maximum time on smartphones.

Installing the SMS service in your online store helps you to message your customers about all the modifications in the order status and you can also send mandatory updates such as some offers or discounts. This extension helps the admin to send real-time SMS alerts directly to their store customers’ phone numbers. By sending the information to their smartphone via SMS the customer will be updated with each and every detail of the products they ordered or purchased.

Magento 2 SMS Notification Pro Extension by MageComp is a perfect choice for you because it lets you quickly notify your store customer regarding their order updates or they can manually send bulk SMS Notification to their customer as a part of marketing promotions.

The extension comes with 9+ Builtin Dropdown Magento 2 SMS API Gateways to choose from. As well as you do have an option to choose from 50+ Magento 2 SMS Gateways depending on your business needs and country.

Apart from that Magento 2 SMS Extension allows the admin to import their offline phone book numbers to Magento 2 backend and can send bulk SMS to notify their store offers, promotions, or announcements. The enhanced Magento 2 SMS integration extension makes it easy for the store owner to send real-time important store notifications & serve a personalized store shopping experience compared to other mediums.

The extension is capable of the cancel and holding order functionality and it also enables you to use the shipment tracking variables in shipping notification directly. Enhanced features display the country flag at the checkout page. It is also capable of order verification on payment methods and customer groups as per your desire.

Visit our website: https://magecomp.com/


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