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Massive PrestaShop Custom Fields


This module lets you create custom fields for all products in the selected categories in the module, and thus avoid having to generate fields for individual products.

If you sell a lot of products that need customization (like t-shirts with images, text, greeting cards, etc), this module can save to you a lot of time. 

The fields may be different for each category and can remove all fields in one click.

This module allows you to add all the custom fields you want to all products of one or more categories.


In PS 1.5+, you can set diffrent fields for each store



  • You can set Unlimited fields!!!
  • The fields may be required or not
  • Fields can be file or text
  • Delete fields for all products in selected categories
  • Cross browser

Massive PrestaShop Custom Fields - 1

  • Multilingual

Massive PrestaShop Custom Fields - 2

  • Multistore

Massive PrestaShop Custom Fields - 3

  • Responsive


v4.0 – Compatible PS 1.7, cron task to add fields

v4.2 – Compatible PS 1.7.7


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