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Musika is a clean, modern but user friendly Joomla 3.x template which is typically created for music bands and music sites with elegant and functional home versions, 2 blog styles, various pages such as Team, Video, Album and Tour pages, which are suitable for a site of music band, detailed about us and contact page.

Owning a range of cutting-edge and out-standing features, this template surely makes your website amazing, attractive and impressive.

Musika, a responsive Joomla template, was built on Astroid Framework and strongly supports Joomla! 3x with HTML5 and CSS3. Apart from owning a stunning and clean interface and proper execution, Musika also makes use of TZ Portfolio Plus, TZ Portfolio Plus’s add-ons and template styles, SP Page Builder, EasyBlog, EasySocial and Hikashop. For these reasons, Musika is a good choice for you to create an awesome website.

Highlight Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.9.x
  • Bootstrap 4 Compatible
  • Powerful Astroid Framework latest version 2.3.0 made by Bootstrap v4.3.1
  • TZ Portfolio+ Compatible. Best Joomla Portfolio extension
  • EasyBlog, Joomla Content style Ready
  • Create your social network with EasySocial
  • Build your online Shop Hikashop – eCommerce Joomla Extension
  • Drag & Drop Layout Builder and SP Page Builder Pro Integration (Save $49). You can create complex layouts by drag’n drop with visual composer. Jollyany supports 60+ addons will help you easily customize your website just in few clicks
  • Unite Slider | #1 Joomla Slideshow aka Slider Revolution Integration (Save $29). You can create complex layouts by drag’n drop with visual inteface.
  • Astroid Framework
  • Mega Menu Support
  • Featured Work with TZ Portfolio+
  • Fully with Typography, Shortcodes
  • Dynamic Google Web Font
  • Custom Background/Patterns Blocks
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Google Map API
  • Powerful Shortcodes
  • FontAwesome 600+ Icons
  • Cross Browser Compatible (IE9/10/11, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari)
  • Pretty CSS3 Effects and Animation
  • Optimized and Clean Code
  • Optimized for better User Experience
  • Fully Customizable, step-by-step documentation included
  • And much more…


Version 2.0.2 – October 7th, 2021

+ Joomla 4 Compatible
+ Jollyany Framework version 1.8.0
+ Astroid Framework 2.5.4
+ SP Page Builder 3.7.15

Version 2.0.1 – September 19th, 2020

+ [update] Jollyany Framework 1.4.0 updated
+ [update] Astroid Framework 2.4.3 updated
+ [update] Joomla 3.9.21 updated
+ [update] Bootstrap 4.5.0
+ [update] Font Awesome v5.14.0

+ [new feature] Joomla 4 compatible
+ [new feature] Custom Typography
+ [new feature] Banner Title tag
+ [new feature] Column Drag & Drop functionality added
+ [new feature] Custom Color options added at Row & Element levels
+ [new feature] Default font family added
+ [new feature] Save indicator for signaling unsaved changes
+ [new feature] Reset button added alongside slider fields
+ [new feature] Subtitle option for sub menus
+ [new feature] Block view 2 added in Sidebar Header
+ [new feature] Article Type & Article badge now showing on Related articles
+ [new feature] Astroid’s Article and Author Options in frontend editing are now optional
+ [new feature] Review Article type Position option added
+ [new feature] Custom Row for MegaMenu
+ [new feature] Open Graph Options improved
+ [new feature] Enable/ Disable the logo from header
+ [new feature] Mobile Menu styling options added

+ [improve] Remove unnecessary files
+ [improve] Improved time To First Byte for fast page load
+ [improve] Custom and fully overridable SCSS structure with caching
+ [improve] Added custom margin & padding options on Row, Column & Element levels
+ [improve] Display message if there is no OffCanvas module
+ [improve] Facebook icon updated
+ [improve] Improved some of the layout icons #30
+ [improve] Load FontAwesome locally improved
+ [improve] Social icons issues updated
+ [improve] Astroid admin area (Template Options) has become more mobile friendly than before
+ [improve] Import & Export feature improvements
+ [improve] Minor Google font improvement
+ [improve] Menu level Blog Options updated
+ [improve] SVG media format supporting
+ [improve] Astroid Responsive Typography enhancements
+ [improve] Article backend options design changed
+ [improve] Minor sub-title changes for OffCanvas & Sidebar Header
+ [improve] Improved Frontend editing issues
+ [improve] Minor HoverIntent improvement

+ [fixed bug] Off canvas link issue fixed
+ [fixed bug] Author social profiles saving
+ [fixed bug] Article level Image & Links option alignment fixed
+ [fixed bug] Missing Preloader added
+ [fixed bug] Horizontal menu style issue fixed
+ [fixed bug] Custom fonts now working on Coming Soon & 404 pages
+ [fixed bug] Article badge issue fixed
+ [fixed bug] Article Rating position issue fixed
+ [fixed bug] Multi-language mega menu issue fixed
+ [fixed bug] Moving section changes are now saved
+ [fixed bug] Minor issue with media modules on 404 page
+ [fixed bug] Animation Delay & Speed improvements in layout builder
+ [fixed bug] The id of generated HTML element’s is become shorter in length.
+ [fixed bug] Article Type icon minor style change
+ [fixed bug] OffCanvas external URL issue fixed
+ [fixed bug] Privacy Link issue with Joomla Contact form fixed
+ [fixed bug] Export compatibility issue in Firefox fixed
+ [fixed bug] Corrected the place for Joomla Events Firing

Version 2.0.0

+ Rebuilt everything
+ TZ Portfolio Plus support
+ Change from Plazart Framework to Astroid Framework
+ Build with SP Page Builder
+ EasyBlog, EasySocial, EasyDiscuss support
+ Hikashop support

Version 1.8

+ Fix error playlist songs order module in home page.
+ Fix error don't display embed video in video page.
+ Fix error image hover of module "Album Featured - Home 2" in home page 2.
+ Update Hikashop v4.2.2
+ Update Joomla v3.9.14
+ Update TZ Portfolio Plus v2.3.8
+ Update TZ Portfolio Plus Articles v1.2.7
+ Update K2 component v2.10.2
+ Update music add-on v1.0.8:
    + Fix error songs count of album.
    + Fix error songs order of aticle view.

Version 1.7

+ Fix error navigation slider of our team - home page 2.
+ Update Joomla v3.9.8
+ Update TZ Portfolio Plus v2.2.7
+ Update module TZ Portfolio Plus Article v1.2.6
+ Update Hikashop Starter v4.1.0
+ Update style TZ Musika v1.2:
        + Fix error image hover in album page.
    + Fix error playlist of album detail page with some servers.
    + Added option "Show Image Detail Listing" - show image detail hover in category listing.

Version 1.6

+ Fix error playlist on homepage.
+ Fix error font-awesome.
+ Update Joomla v3.9.4
+ Update Hikashop Starter v4.0.3
+ Update TZ Portfolio+ Free v2.1.8
+ Update module TZ Portfolio Plus Articles v1.2.5
+ Update JEvent v3.4.50.

Version 1.5

+ Fix error sort songs of playlist (Update addon music 1.0.7).
+ Fix error of module TZ Contact
+ Fix error countdown of module static Jevent.
+ Fix error of module TZ Portfolio Plus Article Static.
+ Fix some css with playlist and font-awesome.
+ Fix error get songs of playlist.
+ Fix error zoom image of layout tzmusika1 of module TZ Plus Gallery Pro.

+ Update TZ Plus Gallery Pro 1.6 
+ Update TZ Portfolio Plus 2.1.2
+ Update Plazart framework 7.0
+ Update Joomla 3.9.2
+ Update Hikashop 4.0.1
+ Update K2 v2.9.0
+ Update JEvents v3.4.48
+ Update plugin All videos v4.8.0
+ Update plugin Simple image gallery v3.6.0
+ Update module TZ Portfolio Plus Articles v1.2.3

Version 1.4

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.8

Version 1.3

+ Fix bug about TZ Static JEvent : display wrong event.
+ Fix bug about responsiveness of contact form on mobile.
+ Update TZ Plus Gallery Pro 1.3
+ Update TZ Portfolio Plus 1.0.6
+ Update Plazart framework 5.5
+ Update Joomla 3.7.2
+ Update addon music 1.0.0
+ Update Hikashop 3.0.1
+ Update JEvents 3.4.39


Version 1.2

+ Fix bug of module TZ Static Event when installing manually.
+ Fix bug of module TZ Static Event in layout Slide and Countdown.
+ Fix bug on music addon with PHP 7.0 on Album pages.
+ Fix bug of Message Box when submiting contact form.
+ Fix bug about responsiveness of Home 2 on mobile.
+ Update TZ Plus Gallery Pro 1.2
+ Update TZ Portfolio Plus 1.0.5
+ Update Plazart framework 5.3
+ Update Joomla 3.6.5
+ Update addon music 1.0.0


Version 1.1

+ Added 2 home pages: Home 4 and Home 5.
+ Update Joomla v3.6.4
+ Update Hikashop v2.6.4


Version 1.0.1

+ Fix error in Quickstart Installation





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