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My To-Do-List App



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My To-Do List App

Don’t you hate it when you have something to do , but you forget about it.
Doesn’t that cause troubles to you specially when you have an appointment or what is important to do?
My To-Do List App is everyone’s app to write and list all the tasks that you have to do , wether it is just a normal activity or an important appointment.
It makes your life easy by storing all your tasks in one place.
That means you are just a click away to look for your daily To-Do’s in an unique , attractive and clean way.

General Information :

– Universal App Works on Both Devices (iPhone & iPad) including iPhone X.

– Coded Using Latest Version of Swift 5.

– Worked on Latest Version of Xcode 10.

– Supports IOS 9 and higher.

– Supports IOS 12 .

– Supports all iPhone & iPad Resolutions.

– Supports Landscape Mode as Well.

– Supports AdMob Banners.

– Supports AdMob Interstitials.

– MVC Structure Applied.

– Push Notifications.

Features :

– Adding Tasks.

– Removing Tasks.

– Reordering Tasks.

– Push Notifications & Local Notification.

– Changing The Color Tag of The Task.

– Easy to Enable or Disable AdMob ( No Experience in Coding Needed ).

– Easy to Customize Everything in the App ( No Experience in Coding Needed ).

– Easy To Add Extra Colors ( No Experience in Coding Needed ).

– Easy to Upgrade The App With Extra Features as Well.

– Attractive UI & UX Design.

– Cool Sound Effects.

– Interactive With The User.

– Simple & Elegant.

– More Features To See In The Video Preview.


Reskining & Setting up :
Setting up the App needs No Experience in Coding or any programming language at all .
Everything you need to customize is obvious and well commented out to edit what you want Easily, Reskining as well.

Important Limited Offer :

we offer you a COMPLETELY FREE Reskinning for the app in case writing a review!


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