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Nano Math: Android Puzzle Game (With AdMob)


Nano Math is a Math Puzzle Game it let you train your brain in math and have fun during that
and it let you challenge your friends in split screen mode.

(UPDATED) Download Direct Demo Apk From Here

General Game Features:
  • Support RTL (Arabic Language)
  • you can select different game times from (1 min – 2 min -4 min)
  • you can select single mode or split screen mode to play
  • you can select specific math operation to train on from (+) (-) (x) (÷)
  • Background Music and Sound Effects makes the game even better
  • the game gets harder as you proceed
Single Mode features:
  • you get extra scores as long you answer correct questions in a row
  • you get extra time as long you proceed in the game
  • freeze time features makes the time stop for a 10 seconds
Split Screen Mode Features:
  • freeze features makes the player freeze his opposition for 10 seconds and prevent him from playing
  • extra score
  • extra time
  • you get notify of the winner at the end of the game

Project Information:

  • Platform: Android
  • Project Files: Android Studio
  • Version: 1.0
  • AdMob: Supported (Banner Ads & Interstitia Ads)


ver. 1.1 ( 2/1/2018)
 - Added: some Missing Project Files
ver. 1.0 ( 29/12/2017)
- Initial release


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