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Novatic – App landing page


Novatic - App landing page - 1

For better overview on Novatic here is the Changelog:

Version 2.0 added on 20.06.2017

We have many update for this new version of the project.
These are:

  • First of all introduced new sections which complete the missing information about the app, and introduce the possibility to contact the developers. These sections are, in order:
    • a section with statistics
    • a section with the team
    • a section with reviews
    • a contact form with basic validation implemented
  • Then we introduced a background video for the header.
  • And we also created the possibility to change the color scheme of the page, along with the option to show/hide the background video in the header. There is a configurator which lets you change these settings.

NEW: New Sass files:

  • Added three new color stylesheets, turquoise.scss, orange.scss and blue.scss, to the assets_minifiedsasscolors folder. We also added the compiled stylesheets to assetscsscolors.
  • Modified _general.scss in assets_minifiedsasssections with an addition of styles for statistics and team sections
  • Added _reviews.scss in assets_minifiedsasssections
  • Added _contact-us.scss in assets_minifiedsasssections

NEW: New sample video file.

  • Added header_video.mp4 in the img folder.

Version 1.1 added on 16.03.017

  • Added effects for images and text sections within Novatic
  • Fixed a minor bug regarding the accordion on “Another Description Section”

Version v1.2 added on 07.04.2017

  • Updated Font Awesome to version 4.7.0.

Implemented new design features:

  • Navigation menu on scroll down remains fixed on top.
  • Added a button on bottom right of the screen to let the user scroll on top the page.
  • Added commented code with examples of font-awesome icons.


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