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Online Brand App With Dashboard – Ios and Android With Flutter



Manage your work with dynamic Dashboard

DashBoard Features:

  • add users.
  • add products.
  • add company data like phones , vision ,mission and more.
  • add custom dynamic colors , you can change the app color daily to the user.
  • add company statics.
  • add offers
  • add partner logos or certificates.

This DashBoard created with strapi.io open source and free to add use it.

You can Manage everything with Your own dashboard.

If you want me to upload dashboard in your heroku host with Postgres and amazon ,
you can create free account in 3 sites and also in github that is will upload your code ,
I can do setup for you with 50$,contact me via email

The app created with Flutter, its Google Framework created app for IOS and Android

App sections you can edit everything

  • home with feature products ,profile images ,partners logo and sections.
  • products with whatsapp click to buy and sell , User can take order with email or WHATSAPP.
  • info and contact us pages editing also from dashboard.
  • special offers order section
  • create offers daily or weekly to the user

This Templates can use for shop, store ,restaurants, Personal Brand, handmade projects and More

you can use Font Awesome icon fontawesome.com/

The files contains video documentation course that help any one to use the files easy.
You can download APK Version Here

you can test the admin Dashboard with this info:

You can check demos in youtube :





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