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Prestashop Massive Discounts


Discounts Masive is a module for Prestashop that allows you to set discounts on their products in a massive way. As you know, Prestashop allows placing products on offer by applying a discount to them either percentage or a specific dollar amount.

This is done by editing a product, since the flap prices. But what happens if we add a discount to all products in a category, and these are hundreds?.

This module solves your problem, as it can create a discount, and apply it to multiple product categories in less than a minute!.
You can also create multiple ranges of discounts for different quantities of products (eg: 1 unit: 5%, 10 items: 20%, 30 units: 25%)

Also you can filter by manufacturers, categories, products IDm price range, etc

Limit the price reduction to currency->country->group->shop
Put a time limit offer (with start and end date)
Type of discount (amount or percentage)
Configure amount of units t oapply the discount (minimun amount)
Choose the categories to apply the discount or by products ID
Cross browser

v2.1- Now select any category of products instead default category. Solve Back office display on large products and categories
v2.2-new code for php 5.5+


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