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Prestashop Smart CMS Search


By default, Prestashop search finds only products.

But what if your customers use the search form to find your delivery terms, user manuals or any other content from within the CMS? By default they will end up with 0 results.

This module adds a CMS search functionality to the default search results page.

The module uses a smart matching algorithm along with pages ranking, to give your customers the most relevant search results.

It also enables you to exclude some CMS pages from search results (may be useful if you use CMS pages as order confirmations for some payment methods).

Example search results

Lorem dolor – please note that words “lorem” and “dolor” are separated by “ipsum”, words don’t have to be next to each other for the page to be found. The result are sorted by relevance, the first page has more “lorem dolor” and appears first on the list.

delivery – another example of sorting by relevance.

Payment – please note that the shop has a separate “Payment completed” page, but it is set to be excluded from search results. It is intended for use as a “thank you” page for some specific payment gateways.

Lifetime unlimited updates

No matter when you buy this module, you can always download the latest version even years after your support period has expired. Buy now, before the price goes up, and be able to download the up to date module anytime in the future for free.

Premium support for every purchase

No matter which module you buy from us, we’re always happy to give you any support you need to make it running on your shop.

Tired of waitnig days for your tickets to get a response? Not with us. Within our working hours (9 – 17 Central Europe) you’ll get an immediate help.

Check out some of the reviews from our many satisfied customers:

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