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Projectopia WP Project Management – WooCommerce Add-On


Projectopia Project Management – WooCommerce Add-On

This add-on for the Projectopia Core plugin enables you to generate clients and projects from pre-defined templates when a user completes a WooCommerce order.

The plugin requires Projectopia Core v4.0.7 or higher.

Getting Started

To install the plugin, first make sure you have Projectopia Core v4.0.7 or higher. Upload the pto-woocommerce.zip file through WordPress and Activate the plugin.


Once installed you can begin to create your product links. Click on the WooCommerce link in the Projectopia Admin Menu. Choose a Product and a Milestone / Task Template and select which Team Members should be added to the generated project. You can add as many Product links as you wish.

Orders that contain more than one linked product will apply the templates for each linked product in the list.

That’s it, you’re ready to start selling your products!

How does it work?

The WooCommerce add-on has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. Everything can be run from one page.

When an order is created in WooCommerce, the plugin checks if any of the products on the order match up to the links created in Projectopia WooCommerce.

If they do, then the plugin checks if the email address on the order is already in the system as a PTO Client. If it isn’t then a client will be created, if it is then the resulting project will be assigned to the existing client.


1.0.1 – 20-Dec-2019

- Bug: Does not convert order to project for offline payments
- Bug: Only one resulting project was created when multiple items are purchased


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