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Raccoon Extraction Unity Game


Ready for PUBLISH!

Don’t need the programming skills!

Easy Editor ever!

Create your new level in just 2 minutes!

Raccoon Extraction is Great Bubble Shooter Game Template with BEST EDITOR EVER. Target of the game is help to raccoon to save her babies from bubbles. The Asset includes many game features and obstacles. The player has to pass levels using ingenuity and sleight of hand.

We made for you 100 tested and interesting levels. You can use them as is OR create your own unique design of the levels. Also you can do more interesting levels, just use the EDITOR. This EDITOR was designed specifically for the most comfortable creation of level design.

The project easy for use. Let’s try!

Game Include :

Source code was made in Unity3D

Ready for publish

Doesn’t require a programmer skills

Game target – save all cubs

Cross platform (iOS, Android)

100 tested levels

Professional level design

Great Visual and Sounds effects



Unity Ads

Rewarded video

Facebook sharing


LEVEL editor

ITEM editor

IAP’s editor

Ads controller

Leader-board (Playfab)

Friends on a map

Easy for a reskin

Coins Shop

Shop of Life refill

rewarded video on map screen to get coins


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