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Remove unused images magento


Remove unused images magento

Image cleaner allows removing unused product and category images from media/catalog folder. Its help to optimize your website by removing unused images from a website. If your Magento store has thousands of products than its hard to identify an unused image from media folder. So our image cleaner extension help to remove thousands of unused image within few seconds and it will optimize your website by removing unnecessary images.

How its works

Image cleaner extension cannot directly delete or erase the image from your website. It compares product images and category images with media catalog folder and it lists all those images which are available in “media/catalog” folder but not found in product and category records.

Check our extension demo video – https://youtu.be/bQ7S6fRaeY8

remove unused magento product and category images

Is it safe to use?

Yes, this extension is safe to use, because it can not remove or delete image directly. It first lists all images in a grid with image and image path. so than after admin can decide to remove or delete a selected image or all images. It also provides facility to export image list CSV.

Extension Demo

Admin URL:http://magentoimagecleaner.magexweb.com/admin
Username : admin123
Password : admin123


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