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Restaurant Menu App(Bluetooth Printer)


Restaurant Menu App(Bluetooth Printer)

Restaurant can setup Menu and start selling from first day. Also we have added Bluetooth printer support for Admin(Restaurant owner) so that Restaurant owner will be updated all time and receive real time notifications for current orders.

Please check complete system :
Click here

Username : admin@gmail.com
Password : admin@123

Android App link for customer :
Click here
Android App link for Admin (Restaurant owner)
Click here

Feature Added in mobile App

  • List of menu
  • Opening Closing time
  • Some menu with extart toppoings
  • bucket/Sepcial offer from backend creation
  • Deliver information with area charge
  • Basket view of order details
  • Special request while order
  • Deliver
  • Collection
  • Bill confirmation screen
  • Bill information with bill details on Email
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Cash on deliver(COD)
  • Remember me with user details

Feature Added in Admin mobile App

  • List of orders
  • Confirmation of order
  • Print of order with bluetooth printer
  • Real time notification of order

Feature Added in Backend

  • Laravel Framework
  • Dashboard with Pending orders
  • Pending orders
  • Order history
  • List of customer
  • Add new category
  • View all category
  • Add simple menu
  • Add bucket menu with multiple items
  • About Us
  • Opening and closing time
  • Deliver information
  • Contact Us
  • Transaction Fee
  • Discounts
  • Coupons

We are happy to received any suggestion.



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