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Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS)


Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 1

Control the rocket with Left and Right touch control. Try to reach the highest score with the rocket. Challenge your friends. Try to make the highest score. Be practical, there is no time limit.

Source files are ready to be published. Admob ads are integrated. All you have to do is enter your own ad IDs. There are banner, and interstitials in the game. You can easily recompile the game with the source files. After making all the edits, you can create the game in apk or aab format. Source files are ready to be published.

• Unity version 2019.4.18f1 or later. You can download the Unity for free

• Ready to publish
• Ready-to-use Admob (Banner, Interstitial)
• Mobile optimization
• Easy to Reskin
• Infinite Level
• Mobile Optimized
• Android/iOS

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 2

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 3

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 4

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 5

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 6

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 7

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 8

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 9

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 10

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 11

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 12

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 13

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 14

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 15

Rocket Jump (Unity+Admob+Android+IOS) - 16


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