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Runner Flutter Full Application


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Runner Flutter Full Application is an application to create a running habit on Android. With a simple and vivid design, you can get scores during your run. Tracking maps and steps, speed.

– 15+ Mobile Screen
– Widget android
– Run Background
– Shot Image when Run
– Maps tracking
– Step Tracking
– Sync account
– Android & iOS Full Application
– Dark & Light theme
– Simple route navigation
– Easily pass a data Model from a parent Widget down to it’s descendants with Scope Model
– Clean code comments in all code
– Cleanly Design
– Using Animation Controller<—

Runner Flutter Full Application - 9
Runner Flutter Full Application - 10
Runner Flutter Full Application - 11
Runner Flutter Full Application - 12

Our products:

Runner Flutter Full Application - 13
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Caren For Family: https://1.envato.market/QOgvAA
Caren For Caregiver: https://1.envato.market/QOda33
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Thank you!

V1.0.3. Release 2021-08-01
  # Update dark mode
  # Update take picture when running
  # Fix bug ios
V1.0.2. Release 2021-07-13
  # Update hasura migrate & metadata
  # Refactoring source code
  # Update android widget and support sign in with apple, run in background
V1.0.0. Release 2021-07-02
  # First release
  # V1.0.1. Release 2021-07-10
Refactoring source code
  # Update documents
  # Fix bug ios
  # Add google Admob


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