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School Bus Tracker Android [Firebase]


Student Bus Tracker is one of the best GPS tracking application for students and their parents. This application will let students track their school, college, or university van, and also they will be able to see the bus or van on the map with real time feature.

In this way, parents will also be able to track their children and they will know where the bus is right now and also the direction and duration of which the bus will arrive at the destination.
The application lets users and drivers to register to the application separately and after that, bus/van driver will be able to share his location with all the users who are using the application. It means that multiple parents will be tracking their children school bus right on their phone and also easily & effectively.

School Bus Tracker Android [Firebase] - 1


i) Real time multiple buses tracking on map.
ii) Find bus distance and route from current location.
iii) Push notifications to students.
iv) Admob Ads implementation with GDPR
v) Structured coding style.
vi) Detailed documentation.
vii) Lifetime support

Install Demo: http://bit.ly/2NPgOZv

In case of any issue, feel free to contact us at: haroonstudios47@gmail.com


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