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Shopier Multi-Vendor Flutter Complete mobile UI/UX



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Shopier is a product which is developed under dark(Flutter) programming Language.
Buyers can edit application ui/ux as per their requirements.They can change the
application fonts,
colours, Specifications and much more easily compare to native environment.Buyer can use
this product at any where for Multiple stores,Multiple E-Commerce Shops,Flower shops etc …
I provide the complete UI/UI for Multi shop. I have used material design widgets component for best
performances.Application’s design supports on both the platforms.

Note:Application’s ui/ux has been developed under flutter(Dart) programming language.
which supports all the iPhone and latest Android mobile phones.

Basic Key features

  • Easy to customise design
  • Flutter material design component.
  • Supportable on Android and IOS platform.
  • Dart programming language.
  • No need to keep two separate file for both platforms.
  • Neat and clean code environment.
  • Easy to understand.
  • BLoC flutter design pattern.
  • Admob Integrations.
  • Login with facebook integrations.
  • Login with google integrations.


  • The latest Xcode or latest Android studio
  • Upgradable apple on windows system.
  • Apple developer account for Production certificates.
  • Android account(Optional).
  • Basic knowledge of Xcode and Swift language.
  • Basic knowledge of android programming.
  • Actual hardware device on which you can run application(iPhone or Android).
  • Visual Studio for code modification.
  • Flutter/Dart programming knowledge.
  • Goodle Admob Account.

Customisation and Reskinning

  • If you require any customisation or reskin application Design. Please contact
    us on songalaxy1344@hotmail.com.we provide
    customisation at very reasonable cost.
  • Demo Application For Android:- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lqGVnFucKGiKZErGRC5k5FliNfyN3ilB

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