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SKU Shortlink For WooCommerce


This handy plugin might just be what you have searched for. It will create URL Aliases for your WooCommerce products so you could still have your nicely Search Engine Optimized links and at the same time completely custom SKU based URLs for use in Social Media and e-quotes still linking to the same product.

SKU Shortlink For WooCommerce - 1

Key Features

  1. Customizable Product Links
  2. Auto Update Links In Admin Side
  3. Dual Product Links

We have left you option to customize your own personalized structure replacing “product” with “property”, “item”, “subscription” or anything else you wish.

Predefined URL Structure

  1. http://yourdomain.com/product/sku/[product_sku]
  2. http://yourdomain.com/product/[product_sku]
  3. http://yourdomain.com/sku/[product_sku]

Tested Webservers

  1. Apache – Works Prefect
  2. Nginx – Requires Custom Configuration
  3. LightSpeed – Requires Custom Configuration


Take a look to online documentation. If you need any support visit to support forum.

Need Support ?

Register or visit support system. Have you any question, idea or advise ? Something is not clear ? Please fell free to contact us via support anytime.

Open Support Ticket @ https://support.varunsridharan.in


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