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Sky Bird Game – Android Buildbox Game with Admob


Sky Bird Game: Android, Buildbox Included, Easy Reskin, AdMob Interstitial & Banner Ads

This game has 4 types of power-ups that give you more advance in the game leading the player as far as possible of enjoyment , also it has a tutorial that tells the player how to play .

You can edit the game easily, no needs advance programming skills .

This game also has ready Admob interstitial Ads and banner, also it has a Leaderboard already setted up .

Try Before You Buy:

Please check out the demo.

  • Includes AdMob Interstitial & Banner Ads – Make money from Ads easily.
  • Tutorial at the beginning of the game which tells the player how to play the game
  • Pause Feature – Player can pause game during gameplay.
  • Over 19 levels
  • Simple to play
  • Easy User Interface
  • Speed-Up power-up
  • Speed-Down power-up
  • Music and sound – Game comes with music and Audio features. Player can choose to turn off all sound fx or music.

What will you get?

  • Eclipse project (can be imported to Android Studio as well).
  • Buildbox File.
  • Detailed documentation


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