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Social Content Locker for Drupal


Now for Drupal, the Social Content Locker enables you to reveal content for a social action

Gain maximum exposure on social networks by locking Drupal articles/pages and require a Facebook Like or Tweet to reveal the content.

Give people a reason to like or tweet your page and make use of the sharing buttons. They will rarely do it without being required to do it.

– lock pages/articles contents
– reveal content for a social action (like, tweet)
– show a custom message to encourage unlocking content
– improve SEO ranking
– improve social popularity

Includes REPORTS to keep you updated with the counts of Facebook likes and Tweets!

Customize the message you want to show your visitors to encourage Tweeting or Liking directly in drupal configuration panel.

Integrated directly into drupal publishing panel: when adding an article or a page a simple dropdown will ask you if you want to lock that node or not. Simple as that! No heavy configuration, just install and run!

Start getting advantage of the viral social media promoting with Social Content Locker for Drupal


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