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Stacy – Flutter Roommate Template


Stacy - Flutter Roommate Template - 1
Stacy - Flutter Roommate Template - 2

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Stacy - Flutter Roommate Template - 3
Stacy - Flutter Roommate Template - 4
Stacy - Flutter Roommate Template - 5
Stacy - Flutter Roommate Template - 6

Stacy – Flutter Roomate Template makes it easy for you to find apartments, rooms, house,…and roommates in your next city. Using this roommate and apartment finder app, you can look for the most compatible roommates, rooms and apartments for rent.

– 68 Mobile Screen
– Android & iOS App UI KIT
– Simple route navigation
– Easily pass a data Model from a parent Widget down to it’s descendants with Scope Model
– Clean code comments in all code
– Cleanly Design
– Using Animation Controller
– Responsive Design to any all device screen
– Clean Code & Easy to Use
– Professional & Performance
– Well Documented & Video Tutorial

Stacy - Flutter Roommate Template - 7
Stacy - Flutter Roommate Template - 8
Stacy - Flutter Roommate Template - 9
Stacy - Flutter Roommate Template - 10

Our products:

Stacy - Flutter Roommate Template - 11
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