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Super Potato Adventure – BBDOC 64bit


Super Potato Adventure  
very fun game to play deferent enemies and obstacles
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long levels 3 worlds

Super Potato Adventure - BBDOC 64bit - 1

Super Potato Adventure - BBDOC 64bit - 2

Super Potato Adventure - BBDOC 64bit - 3

This game is easy to reskin!
few backgrounds, few pictures for character and enemies animations,
menu screen, pause screen, couple of buttons. and obstacle changes the images and That’s it!

this game fun and it has a lot of features and powerups in-game currency
fun adventure

awesome effects, characters,  and. If you purchase this code you will get the update for FREE!.
As I said speed is a huge factor here so let’s get some lite versions into the store first while we work on a more advanced code.

How to Setup and Reskin

i will provide full support when you have questions


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