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ThemeApps Location Tracker


Themeapps Location Tracker gives an edge in finding the most accurate location of your document, vehicle or person.
through this you can find the exact location of reaching address with google map support.

Most Powerful Tracking App till now

  • A great map direction tool with estimated time and distance is available to direct you how to reach your selected destination through streets. In other words, you will never worry to be lost in an unfamiliar location.
  • Have increased operational efficiency through improved real-time visibility
  • Enhance productivity by bringing predictability in the supply chain
  • Save cost by eliminating the need for expensive GPS/GPRS devices
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Have a simple, hassle-free, predictable and controllable commercial model.

To take full advantage of the ‘Location Tracker’, a Ready Business must re-evaluate their supply chains, internal
processes and use of assets. Themeapps Location Tracker is a trans formative tool that lets you gain better visibility
of supply chains, track and monitor the location of assets and improve your business efficiency. With GSM network-based
location tracking, it identifies the location of the SIM or mobile number from the cell tower it is latched on to.

Next Version will come with google voice and amazon lex after 125 sales.

Sample link

Hope you people will get new version of the all free after 500 sales.


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