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Tourzio Flutter Theme/Template


Tourzio is a Flutter mobile application theme for booking Tours, compatible in both IOS and Android. This UI theme is highly flexible design and it is fully optimised and modernised. Our Flutter UI theme allows you add  and list any number of destination attached to different packages empowers you to add different hotels, allows users to view different destination and packages and quick select as per their wish and manage their tours.

Tourzio Flutter Theme/Template

Tourzio Flutter Theme/Template

Tourzio Flutter Theme/Template

Tourzio Flutter Theme/Template

Tourzio App UI

Setup Cost:

Installation Cost
* Installation on your machine $49


All Flutter buyers, for your attention, our Disclaimer read the details before your purchase.

  • We choose Mac, easy to configure and test Flutter environment for both Android and IOS outputs.
  • The App Developed in Mac, is done for both Android and IOS.
  • We suggest Mac for output.
  • All the components and packages in Flutter, are flexible with any kind of UI.
  • In future, we will develop for other OS to support in Flutter.
  • There is no option to refund for other OS, since the Theme supports only Mac.
  • Click “Buy Now”, to accept above Terms and Conditions.


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