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Twitch LiveStream Box and Countdown WordPress Plugin



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Twitch LiveStream Box and Countdown WordPress Plugin

Easy to Customize!

Change colors, icons, fonts, text and more with the Asgard builder! Add Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons easily!

Connect your Account

Connect your Twitch account and the plugin will automatically fill the name of the channel and the stream status (online/offline) of the livestream box.

Save your Alerts

You can save and load different alert groups configurations so you can easily edit them to change info, edit the boxes, change colors and more!

User Friendly

Being a floating element, it will always be easily accesible to users. You can customize, among many other things, to always start open or closed.

Stream Countdown

We included a countdown box for you to let people know about upcoming streams or important events that you wanna communicate!

Add them with 1 Click!

You can create all the alerts and profiles that you want, and activate them in your theme with just one click from the “manage alerts” tab.

Quota Limits

The Twitch API has limits (quotas) which determine how many requests you can make in a set period of time, you can find more information on how this works and how to extend these limits on the Twitch official API page


June 12th, 2020

– Added support for the new Twitch Embedded Player requirements, more information available in the plugin’s documentation

May 21st, 2020

– Added support for the new Twitch oAuth requirements, more information available here: https://discuss.dev.twitch.tv/t/requiring-oauth-for-helix-twitch-api-endpoints/23916

– Due to the changes in the Twitch Helix API, you now also require to use the Client Secret in the API request to be able to retrieve the information. We added a new field in the Credentials page of the plugin that allows you to enter and save your Client Secret.




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