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Ubud – A Newsletter-Integrated and Personal Ghost 5.0 Theme


Simply Engaging

Your Ghost website can be more than a blog filled with recent posts or a design with a news-style layout.

This Ubud design will make your homepage uniquely yours. Showcase your personal or website brand while keeping things light and minimalist.

Ubud’s simplicity helps you deliver your message clearly and effectively.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Home Image Default

Welcome visitors with a photo on your homepage and connect with readers instantly.

One Theme, Six Styles, Your Choice

Your homepage should be just the way you visualize it. Choose the template that best tells your story, and change it anytime your website needs an uplift.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Homepage Styles

Click on the captions to preview your future homepage.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Homepage Image Default

Click to preview Default Demo

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Homepage Image Right

Click to preview Image Right Demo

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Homepage Image Circle

Click to preview Image Circle Demo

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Homepage Image Center

Click to preview Image Center Demo

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Homepage Image Wide

Click to preview Image Wide Demo

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Homepage Image Full

Click to preview Image Full Demo

Paint Your Website a Hue of You

Colors play a huge part in the entire brand of your website.

From light, earthy tones to deeper, darker moods – Ubud has it all. Pick from nine readily available color schemes, or add your own flavor.

Ubud was designed and engineered for your convenience. To change your color scheme, copy and paste the CSS color codes to Ghost Code Injection. It’s as easy as ABC.

Check out Ubud’s color schemes below.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Color Scheme Dark
Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Color Scheme Monza
Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Color Soft Peach
Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Color Scheme Cinnamon
Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Color Scheme Bright Gray
Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Color Scheme Iron
Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Color Scheme Linen
Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Color Scheme Turbo
Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Color Scheme Pampas

The theme documentation contains nine accessible color schemes ↗ for the above examples, ready for you to copy and use.

Accessible From Any Device

Ubud adjusts to phone, tablet, and desktop screens of any size.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Responsive Layout on iPhone and iPad

Make Your Website Available for ALL

Accessibility is essential, and I take this matter seriously. Ubud was designed with all individuals in mind.

The contrast in color schemes, the heading structure, and ARIA Attributes all meet inclusion and accessibility guidelines.

The following screenshot shows Ubud’s test run results by the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. Approved!

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Accessibility

Most websites without featured images tend to create visible layout issues. With Ubud, you don’t have to worry.

Write to your heart’s content and know that your blog will still look seamlessly beautiful and clean, even without images.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Homepage Content Without Image

This is what the landing page content looks like without a featured image.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Homepage Posts Without Images

Featured and recent posts look neat and organized sans image thumbnails.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Blog Page Without Images

Keep your main ideas on the forefront of your text-based blog.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Post Page Without an Image

Your blog post will maintain sleek and reader-friendly, even with just text.

Whether you have a featured image or not, your website will look amazing with Ubud.

Organize Your Blog Posts and Archives

Blog Page

Your most recent posts are displayed on the homepage, but the entire collection of your thoughts can be found on the Blog page.

Instantly expand the selection of blog posts with a “Load More” button at the bottom of the page.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Blog Page

Click to preview Blog Page

Archive Page

Collect all your website posts and tags on a single page. Browse through the months to view your previous posts or choose according to tags of interest.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Archive Page

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Archive Page Tags

Click to preview Archive Page

A Design That Converts

The call-to-action subscription forms will encourage your readers to join your newsletter.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Subscribe Forms

Speaks Your Language

Translation support for ten different languages.

Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, and Danish.

Ubud Ghost CMS Theme Translation

Deploy with a Git Push

Integrated with the Deploy Ghost Theme ↗ GitHub Action for easy theme deployment.

Ubud GitHub Actions

Features you’ll love in Ubud:

  • Post reading time
  • Responsive videos
  • Responsive tables
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Disqus, Commento & CommentBox comments
  • Lazy-loading images for optimal performance
  • Social sharing icons (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)
  • Public, Members, and Paid labels on the posts list for easy scanning

Ubud Documentation

Ubud Changelog


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